The stresses of the first chemo…


I was passing by this unit in of the Hospital in Bedford for 7 years now and, of course, little did I think (if at all) I would have a chance to explore it from the inside. It is very pleasantly furnished, walls kept in warm tones, there is even a bit aquarium in the waiting room, just the size I would like to have in my bedroom one day. The staff are very friendly and helpful and, which truly moved me, very respectful and kind; unlike what I had experienced in many hospitals before. The most stressful and painful part for me was to see so many people suffering. I almost wished I was the only one…. Macmillan is a charity (a note for my nonBritish friends) and they help thecancer patients in many other ways, like advice, counselling, and just being there…

25.07.2012 – the first chemo session….

beep beep… from all sides beeps from the chemo drips…

I didn’t really have time to read or sleep today during the treatment as I was chatting with the nurses and taking photos, of course 😀
Before administering the meds two nurses are checking if the chemicals sent from the hospital pharmacy are indeed intended for me – hence two of them present to avoid errors – one of many procedures.

beep….. beep….

yeah…. well, I had to look at my hand to take a pic of it, but other than that I didn’t find it particularly attractive with all these ‘piercings’ ;)) Anyway, they warmed my hand with a hot compress first, then three sets of toxic meds went in and I took it quite well 🙂

looking around the chemo room…. the lady on that bed next to me was veeery poorly but oh, so kind and despite difficulties breathing she was cheering me up…. I’m discovering this strange and strong bond between the C warriors… it’s almost as if the nasty intruder was mobilizing people to become more human, stripped of all the pretense, habits, culture, nationality, etc…. just human.

a few hours of sitting and occasional visit in the bathroom is a brilliant opportunity to study the details of the place around… it’s cool; the aircon going; it’s quiet with the beeping from the drip dispensers going off at the set time…

every patient tries to spend the time of their ‘sentence’ in the chemo suite in a way most pleasant to them…

Some patients are accompanied by their relatives and even when they nod off during treatment, the presence of their loved ones is just as important as the treatment they are getting; it’s a drip of love feeding the spirit….

beep…. beep……

there are moments when the chemicals going in you make you see the world in a little different way and then you just close your eyes and drift into a short nap 😉


then you look around you, see other details of the walls and windows… observe the nurses walking around, attending to their patients… time passes…
the nurses are busy, but always ready to give a smile, chat, explain, etc….. just be there….
and while you are on a lead, you get a chance to get to know those who share the same treatment as you and it’s a beautiful chance to touch another soul who’s not ready to give up as yet….
and more liquid ….. drip drip drip….
until finally – time to go home.


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