Second week after the first dose of chemo – still alive! ;o)


Well, I was told that the second week after the chemo treatment is usually the worst, but there’s so much going on around me that I hardly ever have time to think about it. I can feel the energy levels going down which is frustrating, but thank God no other major side effects tormenting me! πŸ™‚ 

Apart from keeping up with all the hospital appointments for other checks, I still am busy being a mum, which proves to be a greater challenge at times than the injections and test I have to endure πŸ˜‰ 

I have entertained myself in all kinds of ways. Apart from continuing to do my photo course and communicating with some very shiny happy people, I watched a few interesting movies among them this one:

The side effects the main protagonist experiences after his chemo are scary, but in reality you get so many anti-sickness drugs to take for a week after the treatment that it’s probably those meds knocking your sobriety a bit on the head ;)) I have not felt sick and let’s keep it this way! Even taking antisickness meds and antibiotics is made easier by a chart provided by the hospital:


Yet, the film does show in some very amusing and yet true ways the stages of how one comes to terms with being diagnosed with cancer! Practical, and continuous (I am afraid) kind support from family and friends can really really he


lp to keep positive. Cancer is bad enough and so, it really is so important not to add a toxic attitude to it…. and this is where those little acts of kindness can help so much! 


Some friends from the local church have offered that they would take turns in taking me for my chemo treatment sessions. It is more than helpful… Another very kindhearted person has sent me hats that will be very useful once my hair is gone with the wind :)) Texts and emails reminding me that someone somewhere is praying or thinking about me are very precious.

I suppose it helps that it is summer holiday time and I am not exposed to too many infections. Being so careful about myself and my health is something I have to get used to as it has always been easier for me to care about others – not a good thing, I know.

There are moments I pause and wonder how sad it is that a human body should become its own enemy, it’s almost like all the negativity about ourselves we believe and take on during our life, at some point becomes flesh within flesh….

I am also beginning to learn how it feels to be such a frequent guest in hospital – it almost becomes like a second home…. And there are most definitely many interesting people one can meet there, let alone see how various high tech pieces of medical equipement work.

Anyway, I have cancer but cancer does not have me πŸ™‚ 

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