Shrinking the monster comes at a price.

It is the third week after the second dose of the chemo treatment. I had an appointment with oncologist today and was told the tumour is shrinking and the news has come on one of the weakest days so far, so it was like a rainbow on a rainy day – making that rainy day worth living through! J

Shrinking the monster comes at a price. The price is experiencing being an old granny long before reaching the actual old age! šŸ˜‰ It is a bit like the Benjamin Button syndrome – I must become old in order to be rejuvenated again!

Every visit to the hospital and the chemo suite is a valid lesson of this true human interaction that seems to be so rare in the everyday life.


I have to get used to new routine of shopping online and delegating doing some chores to those willing to help. It is very frustrating to have a lively spirit and the body that cannot quite catch up with the inner man, but having to slow down surely has the advantage of thinking more about what really needs to be done and what can wait.

Next week, the third and last doze of the first set of chemo will be loaded down my special funky tap, called the Hickman Line. So, the battle is not over yet, but it’s effective and that’s what counts! šŸ˜€



Tip2. Laughter is really one of the best medicines. So, if there is someone close to you emerged in a life or death battle, you can help them by making them laugh…. Finding ways to bring back the joy and fun….. it is a challenge but well worth the effort, as there is nothing better than a healthy dose of endorphins 


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