Not a bouncing bunny

The new chemo regime has been a lot more challenging than the first one! What it does to a body is like taking the batteries out from a happy, clappy Duracell bunny, bashing it and making it move as if it was charged as usual….. only it has no energy whatsoever… so has to run on empty. There are soooo many bones in a human body and Taxotere drug used in treating carcinomas can make you feel most of the bones you have – even the ones you had no idea were there ;)) The positive side effect is, naturally, that you are left in awe about how complex your body is and all the systems governing it! 😉

Nevertheless, the beautiful fact is the nasty tumour has shrunk and is hardly visible now, so the agressive chemo has been doing its job well. Now, I am looking forward to learning what the consultant surgeon decides about the next step in the complex treatment. 

Learning about the dramatic change in my tumour’s size has nearly completely erased the consciousness of it from my mind, which is soooo refreshing. It is unbelievably good to be able to focus on other things and forget the cancer, even though my story is not over yet!

Every week as usual I visit the hospital to have my PICC lines flushed – the chemo suite feels like a second home for me now!



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