Lumpless Christmas

I have ventured out to do some shopping today. It was not easy and not just because of the christmas crowds in supermarkets and on the roads. It was my first driving/shopping expedition after a lumpectomy I had done last week! 

It was not my first operation ever, but I was scared I admit. I suppose I am not the greatest fan of the general anaesthetic and this time round there was some unknown attached as well. I had not known how many lymph nodes would be removed for biopsy and how my arm would feel afterwards. The waiting for the surgery was the wors, of course, and being sick as a dog right after waking up was horrible. I was happy to learn only one lympth node was removed and that the op went well. I have been revovering well, quite sore, but happy at the thought that this nasty thing is no longer in me! The LUMP IS OUT! 😀 YAY! 

Three quarters of the treatment is behind me now. I am facing Christmas exhausted, embroidered with quite a few scars but a lot more at peace, knowing that the aggressive intruder has been removed from me.

Driving was a challenge today as the left arm is the one affected by the lumpectomy and I cannot imagine how women who went through the full mastectomy and all lympth nodes removal function?! Anyway, thanks to the help of my oldest son, I did the shopping and came back home pleased but ready for a longer horizontal meditation, which I did with this music in the background:


Now, rested I am continuing with all the activities planned for the evening, glad I am spending this coming Christmas with friends.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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