Is there anything to like about cancer?

A few days ago I came across this article by a fellow cancer warrior, ‘My Top Ten Favourite Things About Cancer”:…

I love the lad’s sense of humour! 🙂 In fact, a good sense of humour is the main weapon agains nasty, vicious cancerous cells as laughter arms all that’s good both in the body and soul!!! The article has made me think about all the positives of having to face the fierce inner enemy trying to eat me alive! 

I’d say the top ten things the author of the article likes about having cancer are more or less the same as the ones on my list. Receiving the diagnosis of having cancer fastforwards one’s life awareness to the point of leaving this crazy world for the other, mysterious one, to meeting the scary Mr Death. We know that when you once looked death in the eye, you will never look at your life and life in general in the same way. It really is ironic that, in order to properly enjoy being alive one has to experience the threat of dying…. Why can’t we humans just respect what we have before we lose it or face the possibility of losing it?! Anyway, I really appreciate I can meet all the lovely, caring nurses and doctors in the cancer care team in Bedford and Cambridge hospitals. It’s been a new experience for me as the NHS I had known before was a tad different – people who care about statistics more than about the patients…. It’s good to know it is not like this in every corner of the insitution. Sadly, to discover the more human friendly aspects of the NHS, one has to develop a serious health problem…..

I had always been more spiritual and intellectual than physical, so to say. I found it easier to care and develop my inner man than look after my body. Cancer battle has given me a painful wake-up call and forced me to accept I live in a body whose rights I need to respect and care for in order to be able to enjoy the other aspects of my life. I am learning to look after myself and that, definitely is good – also I am learning to be merciful for myself and that is a new thing. Having to rest more often is annoying for me as I love multitasking and being active, but it is a must, so I am learning to prioritize and let go….

My work involves a lot of talking which I found more and more tiring and so having to be off on the sick leave allows me to rest from talking and focus on what I love doing and that is art and photography. 

I have learnt a lot of new medical terms and things I didn’t know before about how a human body functions. I love learning new things and even though medicine has never been my interest, it is useful to know this or that about your own health ;)))

The perspective of the possible end of my life coming much sooner that I would anticipate, has made me appreciate every moment with my children. 

Procrastinating isn’t a cool past time option any more, as every minute is precious and it is better to do what I want to do now than postpone it till tomorrow, since tomorrow is not so sure any more. Living in the present moment is definitely one of the positive side effects of battling cancer.

Having joined various online forums for cancer patients and survivors, I have had a chance to read many stories of brave people who put up with a lot of suffering and never gave up. This teaches humility and feeds one’s ability to empathize and have compassion.

All in all, the saying that attitude is the thing that matters most when facing challenges, is more than true and even in the midst of the very challenging and exhausting cancer battle, one can gain a lot if only they remain positive and open for all the new lessons available in this demanding warfare. 



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