Bye bye nodes…. hello stony breast!

The skin infection that invaded my poor breast after the lumpectomy finally gave in to the power of the antiobiotics, both the ones forced in me through my royal veins and the oral ones. Therefore the axillary clearance scheduled for last week’s Thursday did go ahead. Again I could admire the view from the Bedford hospital 😉 I spent 8 hours waiting for the surgery and I wouldn’t mind but I was not allowed to drink anything and that made me feel like a sand monster in the making! 😉



The operation went well the doctors told me. The anaesthetist did a good job giving me something that prevented sickness and he was funny too which is always a bonus! I woke up sore but in a side room which was nice – privacy, peace and quiet…. 

The surgery is indeed a major operation, now I know. Lumpectomy and the pain after it were nothing compared to the node clearance! My arm, shoulder blade, ribs and of course, the tormented breast, have been beyond sore in the last week. Avoiding strong pain killers is not an option this time round. Ironically, the more flesh the consultant surgeon has removed from me, the heavier and bigger the cancer affected breast has become! 😦 The collection of fluids, known as seroma, has become hard as a stone and very painful – it was drained twice before, but now it seems the lack of nodes makes it worse…. The soreness makes it all an even harder experience. I shall survive, but I do not intend to suffer in silence and tomorrow will call my breast care nurse for help! 

I’m glad the procedure is now behind me, and am just curious what the pathology test results will be and that will be disclosed to me next week. In the meantime, let me get more pain relief….. ouch!!!!

Happy Valentine’s day!!!!


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