Boobinsky’s achievements and victories


Lists seem to be popular in the blog world. So, why should I be shying away from them, eh?! Now, that I am in the process of being grilled, my energy levels are going berserk again, so presenting my first list here sounds like a good idea, especially that it should give me a rather positive boost. The list I am thinking about creating just now is that of what I have achieved in life, dreams that I have realized and victories I have had.

Dear God thank you for the following good things that have happened in my life:

1. I was born! yay! despite my father doing everything possible not to have me, my mum went ahead and give birth to me, a traumatic emergency c-section which saved my life as my neck was wrapped up in umbilical cord.

2. I started learning English when I was 2 and fell madly in love with the language and culture (38 years later I am a resident in the UK and feel at home here).

3. All my childhood I travelled a lot around the country with my dearest Mum. Every summer holiday at a seaside or mountain resort and my friendship with my Mum grew and grew.

4. My education definitely was a success – I achieved every single goal I set for myself; ever since my childhood infatuation with English, I wanted to study English and I did. I majored in Modern British Literature. Next I did post-graduate studies in journalism and PR with two-weeks training at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Warsaw. Here in the UK I have successfully completed a post-graduate course for public service interpreters and now I am doing a course for professional photographers. There are so many interesting things in life and the more I know, the more I know how little I know.

5. I was a rather sickly child but with a loving care of my Mum, who was a nurse too, I survived all the illnesses that hit me, from pneumonia through to skin infection requiring a surgery.

6. When I was 10, I became a born-again Christian, and fell in love with Bible studies. That was to become the skeleton of my whole existence and a shield against life’s challenges. I have experienced God’s presence in my life and my faith, though tested, has grown. I wouldn’t be who I am and wouldn’t be able to face the battle with cancer without the Jew, called Jesus and His sacrificial love.

7. I travelled quite a bit in my life. I visited Germany, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal and I lived in Nigeria and now in the UK.

8. All my life I had an irrational fear I would never have children and yet I was blessed with two lovely sons who have been my motivation in the past year for holding on and battling a good battle with the monster c. Also, both births were traumatic and I survived and so did the boys.

9. In professional life I had quite a lot of success too. I never had a problem getting a job and was working since I was a teenager. When I did my driving license, I got a job with a company car and a job for one of the major publishers in the country. I worked as a teacher, lecturer, teacher trainer, representative, interpreter, translator….

10. I have found a few friends without whom my life would not be as fulfilled as it is.

11. I have shot thousands of photographs of the beauty my eyes have been blessed to see everywhere I have been to.

12. Ever since I was a child I had gender identity problems. In the country where I was born being gay, or transsexual, etc. is still considered a deviation, or a ‘life-style choice’. I then wanted to ‘be normal’ and married a man. What’s more I was the one passionate about making this marriage work. I failed. Emotionally starved I developed feelings for someone else, a woman – that led me to accepting my identity as a gay woman – I have found peace and reconciliation with myself and that is a major success. Whether I am accepted by others or not, is no longer my worry! 🙂

13. I am approaching the end of the active cancer treatment and I am alive and kicking! 🙂 I have remained positive and joyful throughout the challenging battle with cancer and that is a big achievement.

14. I may not be affluent but I have all that I need in terms of possessions; a roof over my head, food and clothing for myself and my kids;

15. I have been blessed with love for pets and having a few. My latest addition to my family is a lovely female olde tyme bulldogge, Nala!


16. A good sense of humour has definitely been one of my best assets! 🙂

17. I have managed to keep my sanity through all the experiences, from living under communism and the limits imposed by the system, being brought up by a single mum, ill health, being bullied for looks, for gender identity, for being married to an African, having mixed race children, being a Protestant in a Catholic country; being temporarily homeless in a foreign land, in a foreign continent, having mega debts; losing my precious Mum, marrying a man in love with himself….. having cancer….! wow! Aren’t I a survivor?! Tired, tested, but still here and still capable to think straight… most of the time, that is! lol!

18. this unquenchable drive in me to keep creating, learning, exploring…… it is a gift and I don’t ever want to lose it.

[to be continued….]

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