Human Lobster

It has now been 10 days since I finished my radiotherapy. It is definitely a great relief to finally rest from hospitals, stripping myself in front of strangers, being pushed, squeezed, pierced, etc. etc. I just wish the radiographers were wrong when they warned me the side effects of rads would be building up up to two weeks after the treatment is finished!


My badly burnt armpit has already almost healed but the neck seems to be….. like a pain in the neck! ;)) I am turning into a lobster, a cooked one, that is! Angry red, burning and sore and I have tested all the gels and creams there…..

Anyway, by the look of things the therapy’s longer than 4 weeks of daily blasts of the gamma rays….. I am looking forward to regaining my strength and not being sore! I am happy, however, to have finished the so called active cancer treatment and do not miss the Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridge, not a bit!


I spent many hours waiting but I was never bored. Chatting and having a laugh with other patients, reading, observing, taking photos, editing them, drawing….. I do not know what boredom is.

Now, I am focusing on recovering and it is challenging as I would so like to do more than my flesh can cope with and I still get impatient with myself, but I am learning to chill out and take things easy and be good to myself.

Now, let me go and apply more of the 99,9% Aloe Vera on the stubborn burns!

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