A List From Cloud 9


Last weekend I had my wish granted! It was sunny and warm and we could go to our favourite woods. The kids were playing with our lovely bulldog Nala and I was indulging in daydreaming. Cloud 9 is where I was! 😀 I have not recovered yet from the cancer treatment mill but I am setting my mind on the things I would like to do in life. I am revisiting all the unfulfilled dreams that have not died but are inhabiting my heart and waiting for the right time to be made manifest in reality!

I suppose I am feeling a bit weary after the past 12 months of all the evil that I have been battling with, cancer being only one of the challenges. I need to boost my inner energy and optimism!

It is going to be my second list here. I called it ‘A List From Cloud 9’ as I don’t really want to make references to the Bucket List. I loved the film and the idea is more or less the same –

The things I want to do while I am alive:

1. That has to be LOVE – to love myself more and to finally experience a true, romantic love of another…. Enjoying being with another human being and, what is more, for them to truly enjoy being with me. No more broken hearts, please! That also means creating a real family for my boys, since their dad is out of the picture.

2. Stop working! To earn money doing what I love = being creative! 😀

3. Read all the books and magazines I have and have not managed to read.

4. Have a big garden and grow my own veggies and fruit, and perhaps have some hens…. a mini farm, with lots of opportunities for the boys to give vent to their limitless energy.

5. Go to China with my super lovely best friend 🙂

6. Do some photo shooting in the USA, NZ, Oz, Norway…..

7. Let the boys experience life in Africa, eg. Ghana or Botswana.

8. Set up a charity helping cancer patients in practical ways (childcare, house work, shopping, etc.)

9. Do some urban sketching in Barcelona, Paris, Krakow.

10. Visit Israel.

11. Find a church where people live what they believe

12. See my boys grow up and be always close to them, even when they fly away from the nest – to see them happy and reaching for their dreams 🙂

13. Write a fantastic book 😀

14. Do a car racing course.

15. Drive a Cadillac in the Great Canyon… with that special someone by my side.

16. See the following artists live: Jamie Woon, Jessie Ware, Jarle Bernhoft, Z-Star, Gregory Porter (to name a few)

17. See Ellen Degeneres show live.

18. Go to Disneyland with the boys and be well enough to actually have fun with them!

19. Get one more dog, a Frenchie.

20. Go to a proper safari.

…. to be continued.

One of my biggest dreams now is to never ever experience that cancer battle again!

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