There are many weird terms and acronyms in the world of cancer patients and survivors and cancerversary is one of them. It’s not very hard to guess it’s a combination of two words; cancer and anniversary. I personally do not like the term and am not planning to celebrate the date when I was diagnosed with cancer! What is there to celebrate? I want to have a chance, though, to celebrate anniversaries of my last visit to the oncologist, marking the end of the active treatment, or the clear results of each yearly mammmogram. By the way, I have had one already and guess what, it has come back clear! 🙂 Now that is something to celebrate! Yay!!!



I am so ready to move on! I do not want to live in constant fear of the bastard cancer returning! The everlasting truth, that worrying is a misuse of one’s imagination has sunk in my heart and it feels good to get the message finally! The side effect of realizing this is that I don’t seem to fit in some moving on cancer support groups. Ranting, complaining, and generally focusing on the negative seems to be much more natural there than looking ahead with hope…. So, once again I am facing being an outsider and that’s fine. I am alive and that’s what matters. Nobody really knows what is around the corner, do we? What we can do is enjoy everyday that is given to us and the more of those days we have, the better. 

Cancer kills far too many people of all ages and that is both sad and tragic. It is impossible, though, to mourn all of them….. I really feel to celebrate their lives by deciding to hope against hope and focusing on life rather than everything cancer related would be a lot more beneficial to all cancer survivors and patients. 

There are times I feel my positive outlook on life is annoying to people. That’s fine too. 🙂 I understand the trauma related to cancer diagnosis and the whole battle that follows…. I simply have chosen not to let it run my life, however long it is going to be 🙂 We all have a choice in what we dwell on, what fuels our emotions…. 

I have not had a chance to recuperate yet, nor have I been able to go away for a holiday after the cancer battle, but I am hopeful that all will fall into place in due time. Meanwhile, I am living in the now and reviving those dreams that have been lying dormant and focusing on carpe diem!



Let’s hope I will get many many more letters like this in the future!!! 


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