Last Sunday a miracle happened! I went out to a cinema on my own! Yay! 😉 It is high time for the kids to get used to the fact that their mum is on the mend and is claiming her life back! Anyway, I had heard reviews of the latest movie by Alfonso Cuarón ‘Gravity’ and I really wanted to see it. Leaving the boys with their dad, off I went to the movies for a date with a very interesting person, myself! 😀 Equipped with pop corn, water and 3D glasses, I parked myself at the top of the screening room and patiently waited for the dozens of ads to end.


Sandra Bullock was a star!! The film is totally worth watching. I am not an astronaut, nor am I a scientist, but I could relate to the main character’s dire situation. Stranded in outer space… alone…. battling with a disaster after disaster. The beauty of the film wasn’t just the amazing photography of the Earth as seen from the space, or the glimpses of how enormous the universe is. The most breathtaking aspect portrayed in the movie is the strength of a human spirit!

As I was watching Dr Ryan Stone taking on the debris storm on and moving on to find a way out or rather back down to the Earth, I couldn’t stop thinking about my life. It began dramatically and has been far from boring ever since 😉

Every decade in my existence so far has started dramatically and ended dramatically, almost as if I needed to have a new milestone marked by a great challenge to overcome. It all started when I was born….. I am pretty sure my life is a great material for a book and I might as well start by sharing that story here…. a story proving me to be a walking miracle, a born survivor, a lover of life and not ready to quit easily 🙂



2 thoughts on “Gravity

  1. I saw Gravity; IMAX 3D. As an engineer I loved it. Sure there were a couple physics glitches, but overall, I thought the producers did a great job. Most people don’t understand the physics of ‘orbiting’ objects. This movie taught some physics principles. Here is a short story if you still don’t understand gravity, zero-g, microgravity, or free-fall. It’s called “Weightless.”

    • Thank you! I will have a look as I am more of an artist than a scientist and I saw the film more like a metaphor but it is very real and it’s good to know facts about the outer space, gravity, atmosphere, etc.! I love learning new things! 🙂

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