Christmas spirit still in action!

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming……. lalala………. 

…and holidays are gone! Till next year… more sofa sales to come! 😉

I must say I have had a good time, primarily because I am feeling pretty well and am a year past the first cancer surgery, chemotherapy and I feel I can postpone planning my funeral! lol! 🙂 The greatest gift for Christmas this year for me is… BEING ALIVE! I know it sounds lame but, once you have been reminded of your mortality, you do appreciate every moment in life more! 

I was secretly hoping someone would invite me and my boys for a Christmas dinner, but since it did not happen I prepared all I needed to celebrate it at home. Where I come from, we celebrate Christmas Eve and there are quite a lot of traditions connected with the celebrations. I had a chance to share some of them with my sons and we had fun. Christmas spirit embraced me warmly, so much that I was not annoyed with my ex, when he appeared uninvited to spend the Christmas day with us. The boys wanted him to be here and so, I focused on making them happy and succeeded! yay!!! No sarcastic bullets shot by me! Yes, I am patting myself on the back as I had been worried, I would not cope with his attitudes and display my annoyance, but I thought to myself “if I was able to cope with cancer, I can cope with this selfish man for a whole longer too”. So, when he slept on Christmas morning, I took the boys to our Baptist church, where we began the Christmas day joyful celebrations and then cooked dinner. The main ingredients of yesterday were peace and joy and so I consider the day to be a good one. 


When I was on the skype chatting with my relatives in Poland, my ex took the boys to our neighbours (without asking me or inviting me along) to join them in their celebrations, then he dropped them back and went off to his new partner. Normally, I’d be more than annoyed with his insensitivity, but I wasn’t and it is a proof it is not just my body that is getting better, but my soul has recovered from some ailments tormenting it…. 🙂 After all, it is all about attitude, isn’t it?


This Christmas was perfect as I made two most important people in my life smile and have hosted the one they love as well as I could, and because every season is good for love, I am planning to continue in that spirit now and in the New Year! 



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