365 Project

Long time no see, eh? Well, no news usually means, it’s good news. In my case too, the fact that I have not been blogging much of late, means that I have been busy sorting my life and moving on from the disasters of the past years. The whole cancer saga now seems to be a bad nightmare. The nuisance aftermath of it is the fatigue I often feel and the lymphoedema. I am not focusing on them though. I am making conscious choice every single day to focus on the things that nourish me on all the levels (spirit, soul and body) and help me be a better human. On the first day of this year, I started a project. It is called ‘365 Project’. Every day I post a photo of something I experienced on a particular day and share all that I feel grateful for. I have three places where the project can be viewed:

Nnachi Creations – 365 Project

365 Project on Pinterest

Nnachi Creations on Flickr – 365 Project

I can proudly say I have been faithful about the project and it has done the world of good to me, my attitude, expectations and progress in moving on. Focusing on what is good, on all the blessings in my life is grounding me in the present, helping me catch every day and life as opposed to existing merely. Believe it or not, there is always something we can be grateful for and noticing those things in our life that we take for granted can refresh our attitude towards everything and everyone around is. Inner peace, joy and sense of happiness are direct side effects of positive and grateful attitude, and worry, anxiety begin to fade away.

I can now join the crowds singing the following smash hit:



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