Tuning into radio ‘Happy Life’.

Wow, one month of the New Year has already gone! 6 weeks of the 53 blessed weeks have been busy and very educational. I have read a few books, listened to some thought-provoking lectures and have come to a conclusion that it is time to revise my core beliefs. I am pushing myself beyond my comfort zones and challenging myself in every area of thought. Am I bored? Nope! I don’t really know what boredom is. I am continuing the happy journey of reclaiming my life. I have finally realized I have got two choices: either live my life by default and complain about the miserable experiences I encounter on this path, OR I can become a deliberate creator of my fate. Thanks to the decluttering I have already done in my head, I have freely and consciously chosen the latter option finally! Yup. No more following any theory just because this or that person says so, or this and that institution promotes as the only way there is. We all have that inner compass and if something does not feel well in your gut, it quite likely isn’t. I am on the right track to trust that compass at last and am feeling excited about it, especially that I can already see many positive changes around me…. oops, I mean in me! :-p


I’ve got the right vibe on my inner receiver!!! I’ve had it for a long time, actually, but resisted it effectively for the sake of outside sources claiming to know better. It’s not like I didn’t ponder on my life and other existential matters before. On the contrary, I have always been a thinker, but I was taught not to trust myself in favour of all kinds of ‘authorities’. Now, I have made peace with myself, and decided to follow only the leading of the Source/Universe/God we all have our beginning with. I am tuning into the high frequencies of happiness and joy based on who I am and not the external circumstances.


I experienced a lot of heartache in my life and now I know it was all a reflection of the state my inner being was in; Like attracts like. Period. Fortunately, it really is never too late to realize that as we are eternal beings. Everyday is a happy day because I am making a choice to be happy and changing all the bad intellectual habits is getting easier and easier. My world is shaking and the tsunami of blessings is on the way. All is well and it will forever be so.

Nobody is responsible for my happiness but me and I choose to be happy, everything else will follow.


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