A Great Shift

I started this year convinced that it would be a year of miracles and I was right! I made a decision to change everything in my life, to accelerate the inner growth and healing (in general, not just from all that the cancer I had had did to me or the treatment). It is amazing how we are lead by the invisible, divine powers when we do not resist them with doubt or fear. I stumbled across a lot of inspirational speakers and courses, films, etc. Among other things I watched ‘The Secret’ and began studying what the law of attraction is. A lot of what I discovered was not a discovery at all but a confirmation of what I had always known and believed at heart, a lot corresponded to my Christian background. Yet, all that I was studying brought that refreshing fragrance to the wisdom and revelations that can empower everyone. I began a process of shedding the skin of a victim of circumstances in order to let the true self, the catalyst of all my experiences come to full life and reign.

I started using mind movies to change all the old, victim and lack oriented ways of thinking that I had picked up along the way in my life. I managed to gather and live out a lot of twisted theology theories and the worst one of them was to ignore that inner voice, the emotional guidance system. So as the year 2015 started, so the transformation in my soul started or rather entered a more powerful phase. From one youtube podcast to another, I have been having the most amazing spiritual journey to awaken the awareness of who I am.

After working with the mind movies videos, I stumbled across this interview of Oprah Winfrey with Esther Hicks:

Oprah interviews Esther Hicks

Something in my was deeply touched by Esther’s story and so I googled her up, listened to many of her conferences, interviews and read her book, ‘Ask and It Is Given’ and have raised my vibration (emotional well being) considerably in the process. I knew I was on the right way. In Esther’s group on Facebook, I was drawn to a comment mentioning other spiritual teachers, eg. Teal Swan and her amazing story of personal survival, and service to others. I was completely encouraged by her latest book ‘Shadows Before Dawn‘, which basically helps readers learn effective processes enabling one to love themselves the way humans have always been meant to love themselves. It is not just a psychological theory book but Teal’s very personal account of what helped her in her way. I love the clarity and authenticity with which she shares her spiritual discoveries. Her youtube videos inspire many. Another lovely encourager out of this world, whom I virtually met and have been following is Ralph Smart, the creator of Infinite Waters Channel. What a lovely person and teacher he is. I have been inspired by what he has to share a lot and he cracks me up with the way he talks. 🙂

Many many missing pieces of the puzzle of my life’s search for the truth have been found to my great delight and the inner peace and joy have been growing, replacing the nasty despair, anxiety and hopelessness.

In one of dozens of intensely spiritual and intellectual conversations I read online some time in the summer, I was introduced to Bentinho Massaro and his Trinfinity Academy (an online school of Enlightenment and Empowerment)  . Wow, after I listened to one or two of his teachings I felt at home instantly and without hesitation enrolled for his school. What a journey it has been. The latter part of this year that is about to end has been totally revolutionary. I have dug deep into who I am, what my purpose in life is and why my life has been the way it has been. It is such a relief to know…… 🙂 The most important thing, though is the newly discovered self-appreciation, understanding and love and the consciousness that all is One. Nothing is outside of the One, infinite Creator. Being His agents, individual and yet totally united, humans are co-creators of the reality as we know it. That is the great shift that I am talking about. From victim to victor, creator and peacemaker – peace that starts within, that is made with your own self first. The clarity, wisdom and love of this young teacher, Bentinho has been a blessing for me beyond description. His spirituality is without the poison of religion and arrogant, fear based manipulations – pure bliss.

This year one of the greatest contemporary spiritual speakers made his transition into the spiritual dimension, Wayne Dyer – his life and work has contributed greatly too to my growth, this year especially. His book ‘Wishes Fulfilled‘ has provided a lot of juicy material for my soul to ponder upon and feed on. He says:

The creator has planted within every creature a fragment of himself, a spark, a spirit of the same nature as himself and, thanks to this spirit, every creature can become a creator. And this means that, instead of always waiting for their needs to be satisfied by some external source, human beings can work inwardly by means of their thought, their will, and their spirit to obtain the nourishing healing elements they need. This is why the teaching I bring you is of the spirit, of the creator and not of matter” 

This quote form Dr Dyer’s book sums up neatly what I have woken up to this year – I CREATE MY OWN REALITY and always have! Only now, I am creating it more and more consciously.

I have made every day count in 2015. This year alone is a material for the whole book, let alone a blog post and more is yet to come. I am writing this post to simply summarize the journey into myself I have made on this year and proclaim my openness for the epic victories and creations that will take place in 2016, a year of completion and more progress.

Whoever is reading this, please, know that you are a most special being, whose existence is no coincidence. You are deeply loved and so, called to love yourself to the extent that this love spills out and touches the world around……

Stay blessed!



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