Lemonade Fundraiser


I lose track of days, I must say. Life is quite busy, so busy, in fact, I have to remind myself sometimes that my body is not too well! hahaha (wink wink here – the body reminds me of it without any help). There are a lot of things involved in battling cancer, as anyone can imagine. Some are more pleasant than others. I have decided to make it ALL part of this experience, which from now on I shall be calling ‘A LEMONADE PROJECT’ – I have been dished out with a lot of lemons in the past few years and I have simply chosen to make a nutritious lemonade out of them (sic!) I do not resits anything that comes my way, as, by the established laws of our universe, whatever we resist persists. Instead, I shall love all these manifestations/situation/symptoms, etc. to death! There are lessons to be learnt in everything, and I truly, wholeheartedly mean, in everything, if only one is open enough to see the wisdom, love and blessing hidden in them. An illness of the body, however, painful or uncomfortable, can be an open door to the healing for the soul and its growth and that is a timeless fruit of a temporary hardship. Just add the sweetness of love, laughter and humour to the sourness of lemons mix in the  heart of positive attitude with a spoon of humility and you will end up with a very tasty lemonade!!! 🙂

I cannot do my LEMONADE PROJECT on my own, however. There are practical factors involved in battling cancer, like boosting my immune system to help it take the chemotherapy and also fight the cancer cells; Specialist equipment that will enable me to have a quality of life close to normal and be able to be the mum for my two sons. We will have to move house, as the one we live at the moment is unsuitable for the LEMONADE PROJECT. All this is connected with funds and my project needs lots of it if it is to be successful for me and my children.

I have started a fundraiser, which, understandably, shall be called A LEMONADE FUNDRAISER . Please, visit the crowdfunding page if your heart leads you to do so, share or/and sponsor my lemonade project!


we are all one

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