Just breathe…

There are so many things in life we take for granted. We do not even notice them, let alone appreciate having them or being able to do them. This is why experiencing contrast in our everyday life is a blessing in disguise. When you break a leg, for example, you can appreciate how precious it is to have both legs functioning well, when one of them cannot be used for a period of time.  This is exactly why, I believe, we are born in this world – to learn all those lessons, reflecting to us who we really are, to expand our soul and mirror the infinite Source we all come from!

For the past two months  I have been having the so called oxygen therapy. My lungs have experienced a major crisis, which, hopefully, is under control now, and do not cope with getting enough oxygen and getting rid of enough CO2, so my nose has to be hooked to an oxygen tank to aid the lungs in their daily task!


I can assure you, being able to breathe, is definitely something I do appreciate and count it as a great blessing when I do not cough, choke with every word I try to say or deeper breath I want to take.

While at home I use an oxygen concentrator, which works by drawing in the air and separating out the oxygen from the other gases using a filter system. This filter traps some gases and allows the oxygen to pass through. The oxygen is delivered to you by tubing which connects to the cannula or mask for you to breathe.


Thank God it’s got wheels, so I can drag it with me from room to room, or my sons do it for me – we have nicknamed the machine ‘breathing truck’ 😉 Anyway, it has definitely been helping me to have that concentrator, even though it limits my freedom of movement. I certainly do a lot more ‘dancing’ around the tube sticking out of my nose! haha

When I go out I have to know how long I will be wherever I am going, in order to choose the right size of the oxygen cylinder to take with me or how many of them I will need. When the outing is relatively short I can take the smallest cylinder in my fancy cyclist’s backpack! 🙂


When I am driving, it’s not just the car that has its fuel! lol! I am connected to my own gas! 😉 I am good with it for up to two hours. For a longer trips I need a bigger cylinder which I don’t really like dragging with me as it’s heavier and uncomfortable to carry – it needs to be on a trolley.

The hidden blessing in the trolley, though, is that it can serve as a support for that 10th step that usually leaves me a tad breathless! 😉 However, I do not enjoy dragging it with me, to be honest.

The best piece of equipment for me to be able to be freely out and about would be a portable oxygen concentrator, like this one:

The only issue is those ones are rather pricey (£1500 the cheapest refurbished one I have come across). It is just one of those reasons why my LEMONADE FUND needs to keep growing. I want to remain active for as long as I can, not just for my health, but for my children, and, of course, that cheeky bulldog of mine, the cutest princes Nala!


So, every once in a while, stop and focus on your breath, and be thankful for the air you breathe and all the fascinating bodily functions that make your physical vehicle able to process oxygen and other gases…. Be grateful always!!! ❤


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