A GP out of this world

Ever since I was diagnosed with breast cancer I have met dozens of doctors, nurses and other medical staff. It is a rather obvious fact. The sheer number of people you encounter in hospitals or a local health centre means you will not remember everyone of them, or you will remember some for all the wrong reasons 😉 Fortunately, I have been blessed to have been looked after by quite a few compassionate AND professional medical staff, for which I will be eternally grateful! There is one particular person, however, I would like to focus this post on, namely, late Dr Shiv Sekaran:


When we first came to this town nearly 12 years ago, everyone was a stranger. Thanks to the minister in the local Baptist Church, Steve Summerfield and a deacon in the same church, Patrick Fields, we could make ourselves feel at home and start exploring the area and its facilities. One of the first things we needed to do was to register with the local Health Centre. Having a young child meant, I was visiting the centre pretty often and I remember there was this one particular doctor that immediately stood out for me. An Asian looking, not very tall, with longish hair and the cutest smile ever man who, unlike ALL the other doctors in that surgery, ALWAYS came out of his room to personally call for the next patient. As I often had to wait long to be seen by the particular professional, I witnessed Dr Sekaran come out many times to meet he’s next patient, the practice I totally loved and which touched me as very respectful, compassionate and loving. I finally managed to get an appointment with him at some point, which was not easy, as he was a very popular physician (surprise, surprise! not!). He had an aquarium with fish in his room, which my kids loved and it was a great distraction for them when an injection was needed or some other less pleasant treatment! His approach towards us as patients was very humane!! I should not even have to use that term, but, sadly these days many medical professionals treat patients as objects not subjects and that does influence the treatment. Dr Sekaran always spent all the time that was needed to listen to your problems and find a solution/treatment for them and all this done with a great sense of humour, making you feel at ease and respected and encouraged!! This attitude was very helpful for me in my journey with the cancer battles and my children like him too!

Oh boy! What a shock it was for me last week to find out that Dr Sekaran was very ill, struck down with sepsis, which resulted in his sudden and untimely passing last Saturday! 😦 The whole local community has been touched by his death and rightly so, because Dr Sekaran was one of a kind and he will be dearly missed, not just by his closest family members but all those hundreds of people he gave 100% of his attention, knowledge and kindness to. His daughters have set up a crowfunding page in his memory, to raise funds for the SEPSIS TRUST, where, should you be moved to do so, you can support the charity.

I will always remember you, Dr Shiv Sekaran! Thank you for doing your job with passion, professionalism and love! Rest in peace wonderful soul!


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